Straight Talk LG Optimus Logic Review


In recent reviews, Smartphone Lite, has reviewed smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the LG Optimus Q that feature screen size as a major feature.  Today we are reviewing the LG Optimus Logic from Straight Talk that is a little different.  Do not be worried, different can still be good.  Currently the LG Optimus Logic from Straight Talk is one of the least expensive Android smartphones on the market.  Currently only $79.99 from Straight Talk.  While the one of the major trends in the smartphone market is larger screens.  The Optimus Logic breaks this trend with a length of 4 inches and width just under 2.5 inches.  The Logic is a very compact phone that measures similar to a playing card.  This compact form makes the Optimus Logic a nice phone to carry in your pocket.  Over all the Logic from Straight Talk is a pretty attractive phone with a square look that is easy to hold and fits in the palm of your hand.

Feature Set

Being an entry phone, the LG Optimus Logic has an all plastic body and screen.  With this said, it is still a well build phone that can stand up to the grip test with noticeable flexing.  The phone has a 800 mhz processor and 3 megapixel camera.  Below the screen on the front, the Logic has three function buttons, but excluded the search function.  While this is untypical of Android phones, it does not have a major impact on the functionality.  Absent also is the camera quick launch button.  Around the outside of the case, the phone includes the typical power button, headphone jack, volume, and charge/data port.  The phone is a 3G phone, but also includes WiFi.  The LG Optimus Logic is a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phone.

User Experience

Over all the user experience on the Straight Talk LG Optimus Logic is good.  Applications like Netflx may play a little choppy, but all other applications should run fine. Surprisingly for the processor speed, even YouTube runs smooth and does not experience lag.  Even Angry Birds and similar games should play well.  The keyboard is responsive and easy to type for its comparative small screen size.  The operating system is Android Gingerbread.  At less than one hundred dollars, this puts the LG Optimus Logic in a special smartphone lite category.  While the Logic is an entry phone, the phone os still has all the features of its more expensive competitors.  Features like Google Play work well and allow you to add more functionality and utilities.  The screen includes a position sensor, so screen rotation is available.  Also included is Google Maps with GPS function.

Final Thoughts

The Straight Talk LG Optimus Logic turns out to be a decent Android Gingerbread smartphone at a very enjoyable price.  At just $79.79 at Straight Talk, the Logic is a good phone for beginners and kids.  The Straight Talk no contract plans also allow users to test the Android water before committing to a multi-year phone contract.  Considering that many carriers have non-smartphones that sell for more than the LG Optimus Logic, the phone is well worth the price for the features provided.


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